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The evolution of the most viral simulator

Plague Inc: Evolved is a strategy game for PC and Mac with an unusual premise: you will create your pathogenic plague to destroy the human race. This is an improved version of Plague Inc., a game available to download for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

Plague Inc: Evolved is currently available through Early Access; it is not a finished product, but you can test its improvements as they are developed. You can download Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam, but we cannot get it for free, despite being unfinished.

What is new about Plague Inc: Evolved?

Plague Inc: Evolved invites you to create a new pathogen (SoftonicPedia explains: "which causes or produces disease"). Once you contaminate your Patient Zero with your creation, you must manage your pathogen's evolution to ensure that it spreads around the world. For example, if your pathogen is too deadly before it is sufficiently spread, scientists will detect it and then, since the infection will be very localized, it will be easy for them to eliminate it. In this game, the timing of your actions is as important or more than the actions themselves.

You have several types of plague at your disposal, each with different abilities: the bacteria, the virus, the fungus, the parasite, the nano-virus, the bio-weapon and the prion. Some of them may not be familiar to you, but believe us: after a few rounds of Plague, you will be a pathogen expert.

Although you have many elements to take into account (features, climate, health infrastructure, statistics, DNA points, government measures), Plague Inc: Evolved is very easy to play, especially if we take into account that this version has an improved game engine. The screen that shows the spread of your pathogen throughout the world is not only more beautiful than on the mobile version: on PC and Mac, it will be much easier for you to interpret all the information transmitted.

Plague Inc: Evolved includes 18 official scenarios. These scenarios offer you unique conditions. For example, the "Black Death" scenario mimics the famous bubonic plague that afflicted Europe and challenges you to adapt it to modern times.

Are you afraid that 18 scenarios will be too few? This version of Plague Inc. for Mac has an exclusive feature that will delight you: content creation. Users can create their own scenarios and share them with the rest of the users through Steam Workshop. Not only can you download these missions for free, you can also test the pathogens that were born out of other people's disturbing minds.

For example, one of the most downloaded add-ons for Plague Inc: Evolved is Rise of the Xenomorphs, which invites you to control and infection/invasion by Ridley Scott's famous Aliens.

Plague Inc: Evolved will include Competitive and Cooperative Multiplayer Modes when its final version comes out. Multiplayer will be one of the major differences in comparison to the mobile versions.

Simulator of evil

The most surprising aspect of playing Plague Inc: Evolved is finding out how frustrated you will feel if 3% of the world's population survives your infection. "Damn it, I forgot to strengthen my fungus so that it would quickly close off its host's airways!" you will curse. And then you will realize the truth behind Plague Inc.: it is actually a simulator of psychopaths or mad scientists.

Plague Inc: Evolved is not yet complete. We still must test some of its exclusive content, such as the Multiplayer Modes. Nevertheless, if you are intrigued by the premise of being a maleficent virus creator, go ahead: download Plague Inc: Evolved now, even if it is incomplete. It has enough content to entertain both you and the evil you carry inside, coursing through your veins like the future virus that you will create.


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Plague Inc: Evolved


Plague Inc: Evolved Early Access Preview for Mac


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